About Us

The Valley of the Moon Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer organization founded in 2002, exists to review and challenge policy and development proposals that could have deleterious impacts on the natural resources and residential quality of life in Sonoma Valley. VOTMA is neither against growth nor the right of property owners to reasonably build out their holdings. However, while commercial interests are well represented at policy-making levels, VOTMA seeks to be a voice for residents and noncommercial property owners who also have a long-term stake in maintaining the region as a beautiful and healthy place to live, do business, and raise families. VOTMA champions environmental conservation, wise planning, and sustainable growth.

In 2004 a VOTMA-sponsored study called “The Potential for Event Facilities on Agricultural Land in the Sonoma Valley” was completed.  (insert link on website) It indicated the possibility of growth outpacing anything Napa or Marin have experienced, which gives us pause to consider the future of this historically agricultural and rural residential community. Critical areas of concern include:

  1. The degree to which growth affects our natural resources such as groundwater, waste disposal, quiet, dark skies, and our rural character.
  2. The degree to which growth affects our wildlife corridors, open spaces, greenbelts, parks, and scenic viewscapes.
  3. The degree to which growth affects our traffic patterns and evacuation routes.
  4. The degree to which wine industry expansion (in terms of tasting rooms and events) affects the primary purpose of Agricultural lands to cultivate crops.
  5. The degree to which short term vacation rentals affect our neighborhoods as well as available housing stock.
  6. The degree to which growth affects climate change.

These 6 critical areas of concern underscore the importance of viewing policy and development through a lens capable of revealing The Big Picture. While any given policy or project might be acceptable in and of itself, it’s the cumulative impacts of multiple policies and projects that warrant our full attention. However, at the grassroots level, it’s by focusing on individual policies and projects as they move through the pipeline that cumulative impacts can most effectively be addressed. To that end, VOTMA is dedicated to filling the role of community watchdog, alerting the public to potential dangers and protecting our uniquely beautiful Valley of the Moon.

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